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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How long can I stay in Vietnam on a tourist visa?

Vietnam tourist visa, which is categorized as Vietnam C1 visa, is normally valid for 15 days to 30 days. However, C1 visa can be extended for one month or three months more.

Therefore, one foreigner can stay for a long time with a tourist visa to Vietnam. Please do note that the extension fee of Vietnam visa (C1 visa extension) is subjected to be higher than a new visa getting when you are outside the country. Thus, in case you exit Vietnam by any chance, we often advise our clients to apply for a new visa (to be picked up at the Embassy of Vietnam or at Vietnam airport).

Although B3 Vietnam visa (Vietnam business visa) is literally for business purpose, we often recommend this type of visa for those who enter Vietnam with tourist, visit, or other purpose but stay in Vietnam more than 1 month as this visa type can be valid for 3 month. With this visa type, during the time they reside in Vietnam, they will not be bothered with visa extension matter, and they can save money as well.
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